Chamber Coins: What are they and how can I get them?

Chamber Coins are the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s local economic promotional coin. These coins are an excellent way to reward your employees or gift family and friends. They can be used like cash at any retail business that is a Burlington Chamber of Commerce member. When someone uses a Chamber Coin at your business it is accepted the same as cash.  After accepting the coins at your business, redeem them for cash by turning them into the Chamber Treasurer at The Bank of Burlington. Spending the coins is easy – just use them at the register and the business can either give you cash back or the balance back in the form of a gift certificate. They are easy to purchase too – just go in and see Brok at The Bank of Burlington on Main Street. Purchase them dollar for dollar.

Chamber Coins help keep our chamber businesses operating by buying local! Small business is the heart of
our town and you can make a significant impact by utilizing our Chamber coins!